Improving customer satisfaction: 5 important articles to read

Customers are seen as the genesis of any business. According to the statistics published by Small Business Administration (SBA), within the first five years more than half of small businesses fail and a third survive ten years or more. One of the key factors that can cause the downfall of an organisation is customer dissatisfaction. This makes it essential for organisations to constantly try to satisfy and meet the demands of their customers. Knowing that customers can either be internal or external, organisations need to have appropriate plans in place to meet the needs of the types of customers that we have which will in turn lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Find below the links to theses great articles:

1. The magic words customers wants to hear. Written by the staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc posted on

2. 7 Things customers don’t want to hear. Written by Max, posted on JitBit Blog

3. Top 16 things customers want. Written by Kevin Stirtz, posted on

4. 7 Things customers want to see on your About page. Written by Gail Oliver, posted on

5. 7 Things you should never say to your customers. Written by Amy Castro, posted on The performance communication blog

I hope this is helpful to you and feel free to add your own suggestions and contributions.

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