7 Terrific Leadership Lessons From Amazing Women

Leadership can be defined in so many ways but here are 3 variations of leadership definitions: –

  1. According to Daphne Mallory of the Daphne Mallory Company, “Leadership is the art of serving others by equipping them with training, tools and people as well as your time, energy and emotional intelligence so that they can realize their full potential, both personally and professionally.”
  1. As defined by Mindy Gibbins-Klein of the REAL Thought Leaders, “Leadership is having a vision, sharing that vision and inspiring others to support your vision while creating their own.”
  1. According to Katie Easley of Kate Ryan Design, “Leadership is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risk to create reward.”

Lately, women have been seen occupying power positions in various organisations and joggling the leadership seat with men. As stated by Zeneger Folkman, women have been found to be more of a better leader than men. Hence, there are several key lessons that could be learnt from women in leadership positions. Below is an article written by Yasmina Yousfi titled 7 Terrific Leadership Lessons From Amazing Women, which explain further how women perceive leadership as compared to men and how men can be of a better leader by learning from them (women).

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