The Power of Feedback:12 Powerful Expert Quotes

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As a believer and advocate of “improvement” be it plans, processes or techniques to achieve improvement for humans and businesses, I am of the opinion that feedback is the simplest and the most effective way to achieve improvement while reducing costs. As we may know, improvement could mean an upgrade, a refinement, advancement, or being better than before depending on the context we are looking at things either towards human improvement or business improvement. Once again, I strongly believe in the power of feedback towards human growth or business growth.

What is feedback? A feedback is an information or statement of human views about something.

Feedback can be described as a result gotten after a reaction/introduction into a live environment – a real world experience. Feedback also occurs when an environment reacts to an action or behaviour. Knowing that feedback is an essential part of growth, it can help an individual or business raise awareness of strengths and weaknesses for improvement.

E.g. In terms of expectations from people’s point of view, feedback can provide clear indications of how great you are as a person and how to be a better version of yourself (for individual who is an employee – feedback can come through a performance statement from your line manager) and in a case of business, feedback can give clear indications of how great a product is, how efficient a process is, how fast a service is or how horrible a service is from the customer’s viewpoint etc.

It is good for us to know that feedback can come in two ways but the gathering/processing of feedback comes in various ways.

  • Positive way – This comes in terms of praises
  • Negative way – This comes in terms of criticism

Both one is very helpful and experts believe constructive feedbacks should have both, telling you what you are doing right and what you should improve upon.

From experience, most people will argue feedbacks are towards change. Please share your answer below.


Here is what the experts are saying about feedback:

To conclude on this short write up, the business/organization doing great today are the ones constantly asking and searching for ways to do things differently, be best at what they do, how to serve people or organisation better. Always know that an effective feedback motivates, helps individual be a better version of self, helps businesses improve on performance, promotes growth and also, open up opportunities for learning and development.

NB: It is advisable to promote and encourage continuous improvement either for human improvement or for business improvement.

Remember, information/knowledge is never enough. Let us spread the word!

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