6 Key Benefits Of Proactive Customer Service


In a world where technology is increasingly available to more customers and changing the way customer service delivery is being done, organizations need to think ahead of their customers if they want to remain competitive among other things. These days, customer service is just not enough but improved customer service is the new language likewise customer experience. We have moved from just customer experience to the era of improved customer experience in our deliveries. Improved customer service + improved customer experience will produce great customer relationship. Lately, according to customer service scholars, customers are now more interested in a SMART customer relationship – S(specific), M(measurable), A(achievable), R(reliable) and T(time-bound) by also moving from reactive customer service approach, to what we have today called – proactive customer service approach.

Below is an infographic highlighting 6 key benefits of proactive customer service. But before then, let me ask us a question:

When last did you ask your people, your team, department and the business as a whole “what a good customer service is?” Remember, customer service is everyone’s responsibility. So therefore, we all need to be involved in other to unlock opportunities, explore and contribute our own quota to better improve customer service delivery.


Please attend to the polls below as your valuable contribution is needed.



If your answer is yes, how are you then analyzing and translating the information received? If you don’t have a feedback channel, it is never too late. Start now so that you don’t miss out on what your customers really want.

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Infographic Source: Click here


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