JOB Interview: To Be A Hired Candidate, Do Your Homework

If you want to be successful at your job interview, here are proving ways that has worked for billions of people. Rather than wasting time trying to connect and asking what are the likely questions to look forward to from friends and colleagues, sit yourself down and do your own research. Your homework would be your lifeline when you are on that hot seat in front of a potential employer. So, panic not. Even Julius Caesar said, “No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected”. Stay courageous! And nail that interview.

Below are the few Job interview success tips that can land you that dream job: –


  • Tidy your Social Media accounts (e.g. who are you on twitter, Facebook, kik, Instagram).
  • Get on LinkedIn (e.g. create one if you don’t have or update your existing profile).
  • Do your homework (e.g. what do you know about the company? What do you know about the role you are applying for?).
  • Re-read and practice your answers (e.g. can you remember or defend what is on your CV?).


  • First impression matters (e.g. great smile; no one says a professional handshake is a crime).
  • Smart appearance (e.g. appearance is not major but dress the part).
  • Shun anxiety (e.g. always give concise and detailed answer; be straightforward).
  • Body language is important (e.g. where is your eye contact? To the floor or ceiling?).
  • Build relationship (e.g. make the interview conversational and remember to stay focus).
  • Recap (e.g. don’t guess an answer if you are not sure what the interviewer is asking. Simply tell the interviewer to come again or better still to repeat the question).
  • Ask questions about the company (e.g. what organizational culture do you practice here? This helps you to demonstrate your interest in the company to the interviewer).


  • End with a thank you message (e.g. thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you again. Could be during the interview, through email or letter).

What is your own job interview experience? Please share, it can help somebody get hired today.

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2 thoughts on “JOB Interview: To Be A Hired Candidate, Do Your Homework

  1. The eye contact could be such a struggle for shy people, most of the time, I am actually looking at the interviewers head.
    And then, I am never sure what to say when asked what my salary expectations are.

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