How Companies Use Scent Marketing to Influence Buyers

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Scent marketing has been used for years by companies across many industries to influence customer opinion, reinforce brand image or encourage sales. Scent is connected to parts of the brain that help us recall memories and experience emotion, which makes it a powerful subliminal tool.

How do companies use scent? It depends on the industry. For instance, Cinnabon bakes their cinnamon rolls towards the front of their stores so that the smell can easily travel outside of the shop. Since they are often in enclosed spaces (like malls), the smell is quite strong and encourages sales.

Companies can also use scent to reinforce brand image or create a certain atmosphere in their stores. For example, the scent of leather can inspire an image of opulence, leading customers to feel like the products sold there are luxurious. It is often used in upscale shops and storefronts.

Many gyms will use the smell of fresh linen to create or reinforce the illusion that their gym is extremely clean. Also, lemongrass can be used to energize and invigorate casino patrons or hotel guests.

There are numerous ways that scent marketing can benefit businesses both large and small. The below infographic from FragranceX delves into the subject a bit more!


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