15 ways to get ahead during your lunch break [Infographic]


We live in a world that’s not slowing down. Technology that’s always at our fingertips makes life speed along at record rates. That’s why it’s more important than ever to slow down and get away from screens periodically. Luckily, there’s one opportunity you have every day to do this: your lunch break 🙂

Depending on your work situation, you may or may not have a lot of flexibility during your lunch break. Whether you have 30 minutes or over an hour, working from home or a cubicle, there are lots of ways you can improve your life during lunch. Whether you want to improve your personal, professional, or financial life, a lunch break is a great way to start building good habits.

So how do you choose to spend your break? From going for a jog to working towards a certification, this infographic from Self Lender will inspire you to make the most of your lunch — all in 30 minutes or less.


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Brought to you by Self Lender

Post submitted by Karli K.

Edited by Temitope Adelekan

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