Why is the Mass Text Messaging Service among the Most Used Services in the Market?


SMS (Short Messaging Service) is one of the most preferred ways of communicating with customers for business enterprises. Sending an SMS is simple, easy, and cost-effective. Targeting the new audience, expanding the market share, increasing brand loyalty and customer retention are some of the reasons why enterprises choose to use SMS as a major communication channel.

But how do enterprises send millions of messages per day? Sending one message at a time to individual phone numbers using a mobile phone is not an option.

The answer is most business enterprises use an SMS gateway and mass text messaging service to send messages to their customers in bulk. Many companies provide API integration services that will help enterprises integrate their system and database with the SMS gateway to send messages to customers’ phone numbers from a web application.

This makes it easier for them to send messages in bulk with a single click. There are many other advantages of using the API integration services provided by the companies. We will understand some of those in this post.

  • Cost-effective and Easy to Use
    • An SMS gateway allows enterprises to send messages from a computer. The support staff can simultaneously handle the task of sending messages and communicating with customers from multiple computers.
    • The interface is easy to use on both ends. Every mobile phone has the SMS feature in-built in the device. So it becomes very easy for the users as well as business owners to get acquainted with using the SMS as a potential marketing channel.
    • Users with little or no technical knowledge can also open and read the messages sent via SMS. It does not even have any dependency on the internet connection or smart phones.
    • SMS messages do not require an internet connection to be delivered to users. The mobile phone network will do the job effectively.
  • Suitable for Enterprises in Any Industry
    • Business enterprises from any industry can opt for the mass text messaging service.
    • Right from banks and financial institutions to healthcare, retail, travel, food industry, media and entertainment industries, any business enterprise can send messages to customers using these services.
    • The size and volume of the business also do not matter. Small, medium, and large scale business enterprises can opt for SMS messaging services.
  • Send Alerts and Notifications
    • Most enterprises use the bulk messaging services to send timely notifications and alerts to users.
    • Details about order confirmations, packing, shipping, deliveries, cancellations, etc. can be sent to users to keep them updated.
    • Notifications about service and payment due dates, flight and train ticket confirmations, restaurant reservation timings, etc. are a few more examples.
  • Use it as a Digital Marketing Strategy
    • SMS messages can be effective ways to promote and market a brand or a business and increase sales.
    • Capture Attention
      • Capture customers’ attention by sending them attractive deals and discounts.
      • Introduce them to new products or services they might be interested in.
    • Schedule Campaigns
      • Schedule promotional campaigns for the coming days in advance.
      • This will help plan the marketing strategy effectively.
      • Bulk messages can be scheduled in advance and automatically sent to customers on specified dates.
    • Cross-Promotion
      • Cross-promote the brand by sending attractive offers to customers with similar product preferences and purchase history.
      • Gently urge them to try a new brand by sending personalized product suggestions.
    • Exclusive Offers
      • Send exclusive discounts, coupon codes, etc. to special customers.
      • Categorize customers into groups and send exclusive offers in bulk.
    • Email to SMS
      • Messages can be sent from an email to user phone numbers using the API platform.
      • The messages from an email will be converted and forwarded to the selected list of phone numbers in the database.
    • Lead Tracking
      • Include links to the webpages in the SMS. Keep track of the leads generated through the messages to understand the extent to which SMS messages are helping in building the business.
    • Two-factor Authentication
      • Use two-factor authentication to ensure data security.
      • Send One Time Passwords and other confidential information with an added layer of protection.
      • Voice calls Fallback
        • If the OTP fails to deliver during the stipulated time, the voice call fallback option will ensure that the customer receives the OTP before the transaction time expires.
        • The option is auto-routed, and a call will be placed to the customer’s phone number from the system.
      • Two-way Communication
        • Allow customers to reply to messages sent by the enterprise.

Take feedback, ask for confirmations, or let customers initiate a message by providing them with the required codes to send as replies.

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