Six Ways to Harness Creativity like Salvador Dali [Infographic]


Creativity is an essential component of every industry, and businesses large and small can hone in on creative thinking to push their product or offering to new levels.

Creativity acts as a differentiator, giving companies an edge and means for innovation.

It’s the driving factor that fuels big ideas and challenges ways of thinking. So, how exactly do you foster creativity and get employees to think outside the box? Aside from rewarding creative ideas and allowing for flexible work environments, it’s important to gather ideas for creative thinking from some of the most iconic creatives to ever walk this earth.

Invaluable created a neat visual that discusses ways to harness creativity as Salvador Dali did. From experimenting often to investing in himself, there is much we can learn from the quirky yet brilliant artist. Gather inspiration from the visual below, and try new ways to unleash your creative thinking both at work and in life.


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