6 Business Books That Will Revolutionize Your Business and Change Your Life

I am passionate about any thing relating to entrepreneurship. Coming across this article written by Kimanzi Constable about 6 business books that can change your business and life got me excited and couldn’t wait few more seconds before reading further. I was happy to have found two of my greatest business books on the list. “Susan Baroncini-Moe – The fire path and Seth Godin – The Dip”. I must confess these are life-changing books and I would recommend these books any day. Although, I haven’t heard of the other four books and I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. How about you? Have you read or heard about any of these great books? What are your thoughts about these books? Which book did it for you? Your addition to the list is important and your suggestion can help budding entrepreneurs get better at what they do.

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