How To Develop A Business Plan For Your 2016 Entrepreneurial Goals (Infographic)


Happy New Year to YOU! Thank you for starting the New Year with me. Welcome to 2016. One of the things a lot of us will be doing in a couple of days is setting goals for the new year and some of us already have. Wait a minute and ask yourself this quick question. Are your goals for 2016 S.M.A.R.T? You can read more about how to set smart goals + Goals questionnaire here (‪ ). Goal setting is very important in all that we do and we should take it more seriously this year. Some of the benefits of goal setting are: clearer focus, optimum use of resources, effective use of time, clarity in decision-making, etc.

If part of your goals for 2016 is to test an idea out or start a new venture, out of other important things to consider, a business case is one. You can’t erect a building without having it on paper. It’s the same with business; you need to write it out. How do I write a business plan? Why do I need a business plan? What will having a business plan do for me? Here are 10 ways to develop a sound business plan (Infographic).

Business Plan

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Infographic source: Nina Zipkin

Infographic produced by: Washington State University


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