Tips on how to manage work-related stress (infographic)


Work-related stress is a rising problem around the world. It arises when a job or different work demand surpasses the power and competence of a person to cope. Some of the common work-related stressors are: The work environment, organization culture, change process/management, job contents, bad/horrible bosses e.t.c.

Individuals differ. Jobs that I may feel or see as stressful, to another might sound or feel interesting. So therefore, factors like a person’s psychological nature, personal life, health, state of mind play a huge role in understanding and managing stress at work.

There are various signs of work related stress. In this article, I will limit and classify them into the 3 common parts that are:




Examples of work-related stress physical signs are:




Fatigue e.t.c.

Examples of work-related stress psychological signs are:




Discouragement e.t.c.

Examples of work-related stress behavioural signs are:

Reduction in work performance

Reduction in creativity level

Mood swings

Aggressiveness e.t.c

Can you identify with any of the listed signs?

If yes, there is no cause for alarm. Together, we can successfully manage and further prevent work-related stress. Below is an infographic on managing work related stress.

ManagingWorkRelatedStressInfographic copy

Or click ManagingWorkRelatedStressInfographic to see a bigger version of the infographic.

It is advisable we practice these tips daily and also, share the information with colleagues, friends and family. If taken seriously, below are 4 projected benefits:

Increased self/work productivity

Greater job satisfaction

Improved employee health

Less illness and lost time/fewer injuries. E.t.c.

Remember, information/knowledge is never enough. Let us spread the word!

Thanks for taking out time to read through. Feel free to share, drop your suggestions or contributions.

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