How to Use Social Media Platforms to Grow Your E-Commerce Business.

For the longest time e-commerce business owners have maintained a safe distance with social media platforms. This is primarily because sellers that get in touch with their customers directly on these platforms were thought to hurt the e-commerce business. However, the two have started to work together to give customers a complete experience. E-commerce business owners can now use different social platforms for their advantage. Rather than thinking of them as an avenue, they do not want to explore, think of it as a fantastic opportunity.

Social media platforms can significantly improve the traffic on your e-commerce website and convert their users into customers. This can be supported by the statistic that reveals a staggering 52% of customer purchases being influenced by Facebook. Also, it has been seen that the e-commerce businesses that have strong social media standing do better regarding sales by an average of 32%. While these statistics reveal how dominant social media’s role can be in increasing traffic to your e-commerce site, here are some tips that you can use:

  • Look for the right platform. Even though 85% of the sales of e-commerce purchases derived from social media platforms are said to come from Facebook, you must do research. Find out what platforms are popular amongst your target audience and work towards making a strong presence there.
  • Keep an Eye out for Influencers. Find out which celebrity or famous individual your target audience has an inclination for. Use their support to make your business shine on different social media platforms. Influencers are a great way to get through to your target audience and make them engage with your business. If you do not know how to get the influencers to talk about your business, start by giving them an incentive to try it out.

Thus, it may be time for the relationship between social media platforms and e-commerce entities to change. You can start using the tips mentioned above to witness your e-commerce business thrive with the help of social media and also the infographic below might come handy as it shows key statistics from using these platforms.

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