Should You Always Listen to the Customer? [Infographic]


How your business interacts with customers is essential to its success. While hearing out customer complaints or feedback is helpful to determine what’s working or what’s not, there are times when it’s equally as important to move forward.

It’s easy to spend all of your time fixing what’s broken, but you may want to take a step back to evaluate if this is helping your business grow. If care is not taken, you may miss out on valuable opportunities to innovate, shock and surprise your customers, or challenge people’s thinking particularly if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking for ways to move the needle.

While listening to your customer is important, check out this infographic below by Valpak for a different perspective on the topic. They list company scenarios, marketing tips, and common customers you’ll face along the way.


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Brought to you by Valpak

Post submitted by Megan Darmody

Edited by Temitope Adelekan


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