10 Ways To Find True Love With Customers


When you know what your customers want, when you meet their demands in a timely manner and most importantly when you give them that 7 star treatment each and every time, they will always come back to you! Check out the below infographic for more ways.


See also: 25 Skills For Excellent Customer Service

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Infographic Source: Click here


4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Find True Love With Customers

  1. I love your articles Mr Adekelan! I wish I could convey these to my superiors! Do you have any diplomatic ideas on how I can do that?

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  2. I don’t know where they spend the majority of their online time. I actually thought about printing off the articles and sending them to “them” through the mail anonymously. I really think they need to improve their customer service skills and I want to be a positive force in that area. I’m just really intimidated because “they” have such a huge employee turnover here and I haven’t really established in my mind why that is happening, although I have a pretty good idea.


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