Are You Experienced? Customer Vs Organisation.


Thanks to Bain & Company for the wonderful Infographic. I found the information very useful and i thought i should share it with you all. My favourite question is “In the eyes of your customers, what do you stand for?”. If every leader, CEO, employers and employees can genuinely provide an answer to the above questions, walk the talk, It will make a great difference! in the experience journey of every customer and in return add excellent value to the organisation.

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10 Ways To Find True Love With Customers


When you know what your customers want, when you meet their demands in a timely manner and most importantly when you give them that 7 star treatment each and every time, they will always come back to you! Check out the below infographic for more ways.


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25 Skills For Excellent Customer Service (Infographic)


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Make Your customers Happy

Customers are seen as the genesis of any business. According to the statistics published by Small Business Administration (SBA), within the first five years more than half of small businesses fail and a third survive ten years or more. One of the key factors that can cause the downfall of an organisation is customer dissatisfaction. This makes it essential for organisations to constantly try to satisfy and meet the demands of their customers. Knowing that customers can either be internal or external, organisations need to have appropriate plans in place to meet the needs of the types of customers that we have which will in turn lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Above is an infographic on how to Increase customer satisfaction and make customer happy. Infographic published originally by Leah Norris on

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15 Customer Retention Strategies that Work

Taking charge of the most profitable recurring customers is a great way to build business success because keeping good customers is less costly than regularly finding new ones. Therefore, Customer retention can be seen as the action that a business undertakes in order to reduce customer shortcomings. Before a business can claim a successful customer retention, it depends on the kind of contact or relationship such business builds with its customer at present and throughout an entire lifetime. To continuously improve your existing customer retention strategy, here are 15 Customer Retention Strategies that Works as published by Gregory Ciotti on Help Scout. (Click here to read).

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