Hot Desking is the Office Trend that will Save Your Business Money! (Infographic)


This new office trend saves space, increases flexibility, and adds one more benefit for your employees. In concept, Hot Desking is similar to ride sharing, but for workstations.

As more and more people begin working from home, less and less office space is necessary.  Even when in office, many people prefer to take a laptop to a more comfortable location (or to a collaborative space) in order to get things done. These trends result in a majority of dedicated workstations sitting vacant for much of the time.

Hot Desking creates an efficient way to handle the flexible office, by offering workspace only where and when people actually need it. Employees schedule days where they will work remotely so that there are enough work stations for those who want to come in the office.

The capital you save through this innovation will certainly impress donors. Everyone is excited about this new trend and it’s definitely something to mention when presenting a business plan or looking for a startup loan.

The main Hot Desking strategies are known as Zone and Hoteling.

Zone: This is when specific areas are designated as work areas for teams putting together cooperative projects. These can be reserved by groups who need to work collaboratively.

Hoteling: As the name might suggest, hotelling is having individual workers reserve specific workstations for the times they need them.

In both of these main options, Hot Desking requires some pretty extensive organization. Luckily there are apps already out there that cater to precisely this business strategy. The other major issue that has to be considered when Hot Desking is cleanliness. With so many people using one terminal, germs are bound to spread. It’s important to have a plan in place to keep workstations clean, so illness doesn’t spread around the company. If you’ve seen the statistics on how dirty work computers are… well, you’ll certainly want to keep stations as clean as possible.

Ultimately, Hot Desking is a great way to add convenience and coordination to a modern office.

Check this infographic from Fundera for more information on how Hot Desking can work for you and your company.


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