How to become an industry disruptor: Lessons from Transportation Startups

Nowadays it seems like Lyft, Bird Scooters, and other new innovative rideshare services are everywhere. These new services are called “industry disruptors” because they force an entire industry to change. Think about how Lyft for instance changed the taxi industry, and how the taxi industry pushed back at first, and then eventually adapted and you’ll understand what this means. These changes have even impacted total car sales, with vehicle sales slowly declining over the years. Of course, people will always own cars, but that doesn’t mean that major corporations and car companies have to adapt to the way people are changing how they think about rideshare services.
In our infographic below, we break down startups on the rise like Bird and Waymo and their impact as an industry disruptor. This visual examines the funding of these automotive-fueled industries (even including scooters), as well as how they’re all interconnected, whether it’s by one major company funding a new startup like Waymo or Lime. And it’s not just with new startups, but some of the earlier ones too. For example, both Ford and GM backed Lyft, which in total has received $4.9 billion in funding, a sign at how even these major companies have to adapt to these changes!

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8 Biggest Limiting Beliefs of Young Entrepreneurs

Some entrepreneurs are seen as world changers either young or old e.g. Howard Schultz of Starbucks, who had to come back to the company he originally built to reinvent it or Reed Hastings who turned a forty-dollar video late fee into a disruptive upstart called Netflix. You also can be seen as one of the world changers. All you need is to start that business you have been procrastinating about today. Some of the common traits you need to kick-start the business are passion, confidence and persistence. Even Steve Case of AOL said “You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.” As an aspiring or young entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to fail because that is one of the biggest limiting factors why people are stagnant. Don’t forget what Albert Einstein said – “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”


Here are 8 limiting beliefs of young entrepreneurs and 8 powerful re-frames examples to consider written by Aleks George Srbinoski as published on the Fulfilling Happiness blog.

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